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Aeratis PVC Shutters are engineered with the same technology that has made their T&G porch flooring the performance leader for over 12 years.


This historically accurate louvered shutter was engineered to mimic a shutter dating back to the early 1800’s. The louver placement, thickness and spacing gives this shutter a more robust appearance. Many people in the industry refer to this size of shutter as an Architectural Shutter. The profiles for the top, mid and bottom rails all mimic how shutters were once hand crafted.

Aeratis Custom shutters come over sized and are ready to cut an assemble. Each pair of shutters is ready to cover a 42″ opening and ALL the assembly and stainless-steel hinges and hardware are included in the box. To assemble a pair of shutters it will take less than 15-20 minutes.


The New York Style “L” Hinge and Pintles are the most common hinges sold for operable shutters. The Aeratis custom shutter in-a-box comes with stainless steel New York “L” hinges, pintles and a mid-hinge for 3’, 5’, 7’, and 2 pairs of mid-hinges for 10’ shutters. The hinges do not rust and allow you to open and close your shutters. All Aeratis New York style hinges, and screws are made of stainless steel. All shutter hardware is


Each pair of Aeratis shutters include an aluminum scroll dog, stainless steel lag bolt and our patent pending scroll dog shutter support. The Scroll Dog is aluminum and all lag bolts are stainless steel. The shutter support is placed over the lag bolt and adds additional support to your custom Aeratis shutters. All Scroll Dogs and lag bolts are powder coated black.


One of the major challenges for operable shutters is the force of gravity on the side of the shutter that is not attached by hinges. Over time, even if the material is structural, moisture and heat mixed with the force of gravity can cause shutters to droop. Aeratis has engineered a shutter support. This vital piece of hardware is made from stainless steel and fits over the shutter dog lag bolt. The vertical member stays


All necessary fasteners are included in the Aeratis Custom Shutters in a box product. Everything needed to assemble and hang 1 pair of shutters on a window is included. Each box includes 24 – 4″ star-head stainless steel shutter assembly screws. These screws are meant to be counter-sunk 1/4″ into the stile of the shutter. It is important to not spin out this heavy-duty screw when securing the stile to the rails.


Aeratis Custom Shutters in-a-box offers 4 sizes of historically accurate, operable shutters. The shutter heights are 3′, 5′, 7′ and 10′ tall. All shutters come 21″ inches wide and will cover a 42″ opening.

3′ Louver Shutter21" x 1-3/8"3'
5′ Louver Shutter21" x 1-3/8"5'
7′ Louver Shutter21" x 1-3/8"7'
10′ Louver Shutter21" x 1-3/8"10'


Each shutter component is extruded to match the shutter parts from the most common shutters from the early 1800’s.


Shutter Assembly & Installation Instructions

Residential & Commercial Warranty

Material Safety Data Sheet

UES Evaluation Report

ICC-ES Evaluation Report



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