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The OUTSIDER™ – the finest pressure-treated glulam beams and columns engineered for building outdoors


The Outsider beams and columns are made of Southern Yellow Pine and then pressure treated to resist rot and decay. Manufactured to match standard framing widths and depths make the Outsider ideal for decks, trellises, porches and balconies.

The Outsider is treated with Hoover Treated Wood Products’ Cop-Guard (Copper-Nap), which contains solubized copper naphthenate. Copper-Nap provides resistance to insects, decay, mold, mildew and bacterial growths. Pressure treatment of The Outsider is clean, non-swelling, non-leaching and non-corrosive.

Beams are manufactured to a performance level of 24F/1.8E with a balanced layup, straight with no designated top or bottom, for easy installation. And of course, The Outsider is sized to match standard framing widths and depths. They may also be used in both “wet-use” and “dry-use” applications.

Columns are manufactured to a combination #50/1.9E lay up and are ideal anywhere a post is needed for your application. Columns placed on a pier block are considered to be in a “dry-use” application, provided it never reached 16% or greater moisture content. The attached Table 1 should be used for these values. However, columns that have direct ground contact or are imbedded constitute a “wet-use” application and Table 2 applies.



1.8E 2400Fb3 1/2”52’
1.8E 2400Fb5 1/4”52’
1.8E 2400Fb5 1/2” 52’
1.8E 2400Fb7”52’
1.9E 2600Fb3 1/2”52’
1.9E 2600Fb5 1/4”52’
1.9E 2600Fb5 1/2” 52’
1.9E 2600Fb7”52’


Boozerbeam Outsider Sell Sheet

Boozerbeam 1.8E Sell Sheet

Boozerbeam 1.9E Sell Sheet

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Field Notching & Drilling

Safety Data Sheet

Preservation Treatment of Glulam Timber

Glulam Appearance Classifications for Construction Applications

Evaluation of Check Size in Glulam Beams

Owner’s Guide to Understanding Checks in Glulam Timber


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