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When your project requires something special, Western Structures is here to help. We have a broad range of built-to-order fabrication capabilities and the fastest turnaround times in the industry.


Douglas Fir Glulam Beams

Douglas Fir (DF) is the standard against which all other softwood species are measured, and it’s the most commonly used species for glulam beams. Douglas fir has a superior strength-to-weight ratio, excellent workability, and a beautiful warm color and appealing grain pattern that makes it ideal for exposed architectural applications. DF glulam is our flagship product line and we can produce beams and columns in just about any size, layup, camber, and appearance that you desire. We also offer full framing-width architectural beams that match stock Rosboro X-Beam.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Glulam Beams

Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC) is one of the most beautiful of America’s durable softwoods and is naturally resistant to rot and insects. AYC is most commonly used as an alternative to pressure treated glulam. AYC has a fine texture, straight grain, and a unique yellow color. We can manufacture AYC glulam in a variety of APA layups and appearances.

Glulam Rim Board

Glulam rim offers an economic alternative to LSL and other rim solutions. Available in 1 ½″ width and up to 14″ deep, this light weight and easy to use product is the perfect solution for your rim applications.


Whether you need a beam to be the visual centerpiece of the structure or are looking for the most cost-effective header solution, we offer a wide variety of finished appearances that can be custom tailored to your job. Hand-Select Premium, Premium, Architectural, Industrial, Framing, plus we can customize from there. Any of these appearances can be rough sawn for that perfect rustic look.


We offer a variety of fabrication services including rough sawn finishing, incising prior to treatment, hole cutting/drilling, and special cuts such as corbels and bevels. If your order requires some extra finishing touches, just let us know and we will work with you to make it happen.

Pressure Treating Service

If you need glulam for applications that are exposed to the elements, we can arrange to have your order pressure treated. Just provide us with the exact treatment specification you need, and we will handle the details.



Intended for concealed applications and available in widths designed to fit flush with standard wall framing.


Used in applications where appearance in not primary importance, such as industrial and warehouse buildings.


Used when finished appearance is important but perhaps not the overriding consideration.


Used when finished appearance is important but perhaps not the overriding consideration.


Specified for applications in which appearances are critical.


Western Structures’ top appearance classification; for use when aesthetic appeal is of utmost importance.

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  • (U) designation indicates an unbalanced layup, (B) designation indicates a balanced layup.
  • Fb shall be adjusted by the volume effect factor using the following formula:
    Cv = (5.125/b) 1/10 x (12/d) 1/10 x (21/L) 1/10 ≤ 1.0 (NDS-18 Eq. 5.3-1)
    where: b = beam width (in.), d = beam depth (in.), L = beam span length (ft.)
  • For non-prismatic members, notched members, members subject to impact or cyclic loading, or shear design of bending members at connections (NDS-18 5.3.10), the design shear (FV) shall be multiplied by a factor of 0.72.
  • The FV values do not include adjustment for checking.
  • Applicable to dry-use conditions (CM = 1.0).

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  • Applicable to columns manufactured with 4 or more lams. For columns with 2 or 3 laminations refer to ANSI/APA 117 Table A2 for Fby values.
  • Applicable to column depths up to 15″. For column depths exceeding 15″, refer to ANSI/APA 117 Table A2 for Fbx values.
  • Applicable to 4 or more lams. For columns with 2 or 3 laminations refer to ANSI/APA 117 Table A2 for Fc values.
  • Applicable to column stability calculations for member buckling. (NDS-18 5.2.7)
  • Applicable to dry-use conditions (CM = 1.0).




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