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Just What Engineered Dimension Lumber Should Be.

Bright Wood’s dimension lumber is graded and tested throughout the manufacturing process to ensure it meets the same load and strength requirements as solid-sawn lumber. We use the Western Wood Products Association’s (WWPA) rules and specifications.


Bright Wood uses a waterproof, exterior-type adhesive that meets the requirements of ASTM Product Standard D2559 and the WWPA’s Glued Products Procedures for Mill Certification and Quality Control, C/QC 101. Among those requirements, is a “heat resistant adhesive” represented by the “HRA” on Bright Wood’s WWPA certification stamp. Structural-glued dimension lumber is accepted for use under all model building codes and is interchangeable with solid-sawn dimension lumber of the same size, grade and species, and is grade-marked accordingly.

Bright Wood Dimension lumber features:

  • Accepted for use under all building codes
  • Certified for vertical and horizontal applications
  • ‍Heat-resistant adhesive
  • Widths: 2×4 and 2×6
  • Tension break test and delamination boil test for joint quality (hourly on the shop floor).
  • Durability cycle test to simulate how glue joints perform when moisture content causes wood to shrink
    or swell (in the lab).
  • ‍Joint strength tests to verify how the joint will perform when a uniform tension is applied (in the lab).



ProductSizeLengthsDescriptionUnit Size
new code here2 X 410', 12' & 16'Finger Joined EWP000 PCS
new code here2 X 610', 12' & 16'Finger Joined EWP000 PCS


Fingerjointed Dimension Lumber

Franklin Advantage
EP-950A Flo


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