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Engineered Wood

We carry a full line of Boise Cascade AJS and BCI I-joists, as well as Versalam Beams, Columns, and Studs.

Boise Cascade

Warren Trask has been distributing the Boise Cascade Engineered Wood product line since 1996. Boise Cascade’s Engineered Wood Products make home building simpler, faster and more profitable for home builders. Boise Cascade EWP has consistently sized products that are stronger than dimension lumber, so less material may be needed.

Norbord Rimboard

For affordable flooring systems that lay flat, experienced builders trust Norbord’s Rimboard. Together the I-joists and Rimboard carry the load. For a durable floor that installs quickly, you need the dimensional consistency, strength and structural reliability of Norbord’s APA performance-rated Rimboard.

Bright Wood Dimension Lumber

Bright Wood’s dimension lumber is graded and tested throughout the manufacturing process to ensure it meets the same load and strength requirements as solid-sawn lumber. We use the Western Wood Products Association’s (WWPA) rules and specifications.

Western Structures & Permapost

Custom glulam can be built-to-order for unique needs and tailored to a wide range of structural and industrial uses that can be treated with HI-Clear II™ pressure treated with IPBC and Permethrin wood preservatives.

Engineered Wood Products Department

Our experienced design department prides itself on providing solutions, quickly and accurately. You can view the contact info for the EWP Department in the Company Directory.

  • All electronic plans are submitted through
  • Our goal is a 5-7 day lead time on drawings with most being returned within 3-5 days
  • All EWP drawings are laid out using Boise’s BC Framer whole house design software
  • BC Calc is a single member sizing software used to size I-Joist and Versa-Lam products; engineered stamps can be provided upon request
  • Product can be onsite within 48 to 72 hours
  • Jobsite Delivery available upon request. Additional fees and lead time may apply.
  • Orders can be emailed to


The Biodeterioration of Wood

The Biodeterioration of Wood

Under proper conditions, wood will give centuries of service. However, if conditions exist that permit the development of wood-degrading organisms, protection must be provided during processing, merchandising, and use. The principal organisms that can degrade wood are...

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