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From Blue Star Dark Red Meranti to Versatex Cellular PVC, Warren Trask stocks one of the largest selections of nickel gap products in the Northeast!

NICKEL GAP For Walls, Ceilings, Accents and Vertical Siding

There are choices in Natural Knotty Pine for less formal interior & exterior details that are stained or painted, Treated & Primed FJ and Clear Solid options for Solid Stain & Paint applications, C&Better VG Fir & Blue Star Dark Red Meranti for interior or exterior details where a stained wood appearance is desirable, and a couple of Versatex PVC SKUs for the most challenging environments! From the finished basement, to the soffits and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.


You’ve probably heard people ask for Nickel Gap, Ship Lap, or even T&G… who really all meant the same thing, at some point or another! Here’s a quick reference and clarification of our local nomenclature to help you & your customers with your selection(s).

Nickel Gap patterns go together via either of two patterns; Tongue & Groove (T&G) or a Ship Lap pattern, each of which can be milled so that they intentionally leave a small gap, usually 1/8”, between the face of each adjoining piece. Trask currently carries T&G Nickel Gap in all of our stock Nickel Gap skus.

T&G patterns are exactly what it sounds like, and Ship Lap patterns have a simple dado cut on both edges of the boards, so one overlaps the other. Both are common now, both with and without a gap. Ship Lap intended for installation is sometime further described as “Tight Ship Lap” by people in the trades, retailers, distributors and saw mills… and most often ship lap in our region is “tight ship lap”, meaning there is no gap when they are installed.

Some of our most popular remodeling TV shows highlight “Ship Lap” details (Chip & Joanna sound familiar?) which show some uneven gaps… that is usually from repurposed or reclaimed pattern stock, or intentionally installed so it looks like the old days, when products were not dried as well as they are today, and literally shrank somewhat after installation in place. These new Nickel Gap patterns mimic that desirable appearance.

  • Over eight stocked SKUs from Pine to PVC
  • Available in job lots


A native New England staple for sure. Use where a less formal knotty appearance works. Finished basements, porch ceilings, bedroom paneling, etc. Offers your customers a wide range of finishing options, and a comfort level having used other Eastern White pine products for years and years. Sold in Random 8-16’ Even Lengths only.

1×6 & 1×8 | Sold in Random 8-16’ Even Lengths only


C&Better Vertical Grain Douglas Fir

From the Western states, very good dimensional stability. Typically used in applications where a clear wood substrate is specified, and a stained or painted finish is planned. Douglas Fir is a timeless classic, used in three season and four season rooms, traditionally used on porch floors and decks. Interiors and protected exterior applications are suggested.

1×6 | Sold in 6-20’ Odd & Even Lengths



Another Western product that also has good dimensional stability, but should be used interior only. Sugar Pine is renowned for it’s ease of workability, and many or most of the pieces are perfectly clear! Sugar Pine is also our only Nickel Gap that comes already end-matched, for less waste and a seamless appearance. Both paint and stains work well on Sugar Pine.

1×6 & 1×8 | Sold in 6-16’ Odd & Even tallies, manufactured with factory end matching!



Made from FJ New Zealand Radiata pine, to give you all 12’ & 16’ lengths! Centurion is treated & primed, and offers the industry leading 50 year Tru-Core Warranty.  Best suited for any paint or solid stain applications, interior or exterior, where the ingrained precision is appreciated.

* Do not recommend horizontal installation in exterior applications.

1×6 & 1×8 | Sold in straight lengths of 12’ &/or 16’



From Malaysian forests, Blue Star manufacturers all of their product under strict Malaysian Timber Council regulations. These rigorous standards have been endorsed by the PEFC, and accepted for “LEEDS” projects for the past few years now. You can expect Select & Better to be clear and defect free, allowing only a few tiny pin-holes. Blue Star Nickel Gap will dovetail nicely with your Dark Red Meranti decks, porches or three & four season rooms, or any place that universal esteem of that rich “mahogany” look is preferred. 

1×6 & 1×8 | Sold in 6-20’ Random Odd & Even Lengths



Also made from the same New Zealand Radiata pine, but is Clear Solid lumber, treated and primed, and with the same great Tru-Core Warranty. Offer Solid Gold when the finish is a solid color, and to those discriminating clientele that will not use FJ, but love real wood.

* Do not recommend horizontal installation in exterior applications.

1×6 & 1×8 | Solid Gold Nickel Gap is available in 12’ & 16’ lengths in either width



Manufactured in Aliquippa, PA, Versatex has been able to keep up with demand as well as anyone in the industry. Versatex is a great alternative where there is any chance of exposure to moisture. If you want to leave it white, you can expect 20+ years of very low maintenance… and it can be painted on any colors of 55 or higher LRV. Use Versatex on exterior details, or wet basements, wash rooms, laundry room, outdoor showers, etc.

1×6 & 1×8 | because it is extruded, both sizes are carried in stock in 18’ lengths, but may be available in custom lengths for your larger projects.



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