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Trim Boards & Patterns

From white pine boards to Verasatex cellular PCV trim, Warren Trask has forged relationships with the right mills and manufacturers over the years to ensure that our products are consistently available, with no compromise in quality!

Claymark Solid Gold

Solid Gold® is the “Gold Standard” for solid (no finger-joints) interior and exterior trim. Solid Gold® utilizes the patented Tru-Core® treatment process resulting in 100% penetration (heartwood and sapwood) of every board.


VERSATEX is created from cellular PVC, making it moisture and insect resistant while still featuring the real cedar look and woodworking characteristics any builder desires. 

Eastern White Pine

For centuries, Eastern White Pine has been used in applications where versatility is paramount. This sustainable species has a uniform texture, and shapes easily for appearance products that require a consistent profile.

Claymark Centurion

Centurion® is the highest performing exterior finishing system manufactured by Claymark from New Zealand Radiata Pine.


Eastern primed finger-jointed boards are ideal for applications requiring durable, knot-free trim boards for above-ground use.

Western Species

Warren Trask carries Douglas Fir, Idaho White Pine (also called Western White Pine), and Sugar Pine all of which have excellent dimensional stability with moderate decay resistance.

Claymark Select Pine

Claymark clear boards (either in random or select lengths) are the highest quality dressed boards in the US market. This is not a C&Better or D&Better, it’s simply Clear 4 sides.

Inland Red Cedar

Inland Red Cedar from Idaho Forest Group is an excellent choice if you’re going for a knotty appearance. Due to the climate, Inland Red Cedar is a dense wood giving it a striped appearance with a high number of knots.

Blue Star Red Meranti S4S

Dark Red Meranti and Red Balau provide the ultimate combination of beauty, versatility, performance and economy.


Warren Trask Patterns

NeLMA Patterns


The Biodeterioration of Wood

The Biodeterioration of Wood

Under proper conditions, wood will give centuries of service. However, if conditions exist that permit the development of wood-degrading organisms, protection must be provided during processing, merchandising, and use. The principal organisms that can degrade wood are...

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